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Emotional Intelligence has 5 key factors: Self-motivation, Self-Regulation, Motivation, People Skills and Communication/Social Skills.

Amy brings her Training Programs & Seminars to your offices or a location near you covering all areas of EI. Whether you want to knock them out in the same day,  consecutive days, stretch them out over weeks or even months, the programs can be tailored to your needs.

Group Coaching with EI is for those that would like a deep level coaching covering factors 1 and 2. in both 1:1 and Group Environments. They also help to discover what they love, what they are passionate about and what drives them to perform to their full potential, to find their ‘y’! 

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Group Coaching 
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Is your motivation low or are you at a career crossroad not knowing what the next step is and how to get your passion and drive back?

Amy is a certified level 2 Coach, Internationally recognised NLP trainer and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She has the tools and skills to help you find your ‘y’ and support you to plan your career pathway lifting you to your full potential.

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