Emotional Intelligence Program for Recruiters

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About this course

What is Emotional Intelligence, where did it come from and why is it important? Watch the video above to gain a better overall understanding of Emotional Intelligence.

This Program allows the opportunity for Recruiters to take the role they play in the placement of a new employee to the next level. Together with the new employer, they can understand the Emotional Intelligence (EI) of the candidate they are placing and identify areas to grow their EI.

There are 3 Stages to the program including:

Stage 1 - The Onboarding Program 

Stage 2 - Week 2 of Employment

Stage 3 - Emotional Intelligence Development

Stage 1 provides the new Leader with a suggested Training Plan approach based off the outcome of their Modality Assessment. This leverages the fastest and most efficient way for the employee to learn and absorb information, moving them through the training and dependant stage to independent and contributing to the Business stage much faster. 

Stage 2 focuses on the approach to interaction and communication as the new employee settles into their role and helps to build some of the main foundations for ongoing relationships with their new Leader.

Stage 3 offers a fantastic kick start to their ongoing development plan with an online EI program designed to develop the core skills to one of the Top 5 Soft Skills to have globally: Emotional Intelligence. 

Differentiator's like this, make the recruitment process one to remember. 

Enjoy :)


Course Structure

1 Lesson

Stage 1 - Onboarding Program

From a new employees first day through to at least the end of their probation, can be a time consuming and highly stressful time for both the employer and employee. The new employee is generally more of a hinderance than a help while training is rolled out, they learn the strategy and purpose of their new role and become part of the culture.

This period of time is so important in creating the foundations and getting to know the new employee yet can be rushed due to resourcing issues and the ability to provide them with all of the information and tools that are required. 

One of key areas of this process is the training. Usually the trainer is picked based on their expertise and skill then training commences. It is a normal reaction for us to train others the same way in which we learn. This doesn’t always align to others learning styles. 

The way in which we learn, communicate and make decisions is all guided by our modalities. This onboarding program will provide the tools in which to understand our new employees Modality default, along with how to approach and deliver their training for maximum efficiency.

Training by Modality

Deliver training aligned directly to the new employees default modality to create efficiency.

1 Lesson

Stage 2 - Week 2 of Employment

The first two weeks of the role are generally focused on initial training, providing resources and access  and letting the new employee settle into the role.

It is at the two week mark that the new employee starts to build relationships with their Leader and the team. The approach to interaction and communication will be one of the main foundations and set the scene for ongoing relationships

Interaction Profile

Understanding the Employee's Interaction Profile are some of the main foundations to building a great relationship between the Leader and the Employee.

1 Lesson

Stage 3 - Emotional Intelligence Development

With emotional intelligence skills being cited in the Top Five Most In Demand Soft Skills globally, now is the perfect time for incorporating emotional intelligence training into our Development Plans.

This Online Emotional Intelligence program offers the perfect starting point for any employee to become self-aware, build self-regulation and motivation, and develop communication and people skills.

Online Emotional Intelligence Program

A 5 Week Online Emotional Intelligence Program with Amy Jacobson, providing practical tools to increase your Emotional Intelligence.

The program is a fantastic introduction to Emotional Intelligence for all types of employees and a perfect way to kickstart a development plan.

Some of the areas covered include:

- understanding what makes me 'tick', 

- how to create drive and clear direction as to where I am heading,

- how to find and achieve what I am truly capable of,

- understanding what makes those around us tick and behave the way that they do.