Disrupting Mindsets to Own Performance and Amplify Engagement.

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Amy challenges and disrupts mindsets in people to own their performance and amplify engagement 

She is an emotional intelligence and human behaviour specialist, with 19 years experience of more than doubling engagement and market brand scores. With her balance of tough love and infectious energy, she creates purpose-driven teams who get results!

Amy will take your people out of their comfort zone with her 5 part methodology, challenging their mindset and help them bring ownership and purpose to every work day.

**Newly Designed Virtual Live Program **

The newly designed Program is delivered virtually and addresses the current Mindset, EI and Human Behaviour needs in our everchanging environment.

Contact Amy to discuss Live Virtual options ranging from 15 min to 2 hour workshops, delivered from Amy's home studio. 

5 Part Methodology to Disrupting Mindsets

Own It

face it

Feel It

Ask it

drive it


The first step to mindset and self-awareness is owning our priorities, choices and the emotional drivers behind every decision. We don’t make sacrifices in life, we make choices based on our priorities at the time determined by preconceived beliefs and values. Understanding our core drivers and priorities provides purpose and ownership.

What your teams will learn:

  • Why finding the 'y' creates passion and purpose.
  • Overcoming the science behind the need to always be right.
  • Creating an ‘ownership mindset’ in the workplace.


Majority of us, at some point in life, are limited due to some of our greatest fears. Our ‘fear vortex’ is like an elastic band that stretches and contracts through different situations as fear of judgement, fear of uncertainty or lack of acceptance of change takes hold! For workplaces, this can create indecisiveness, lack of innovation/progress and ultimately impact culture.

What your teams will learn:

  • All about the ‘F’ word.
  • The science behind the emotional brain and ‘emotional hijacks’.
  • 5 step process to eliminating doubt and indecisiveness.


Iconic Businesses and admired Leaders all share one core skill: Empathy. One of the most misunderstood concepts so often confused with Sympathy. For very few, it comes naturally, for others, it can be taught. Either way, an absolute game changer and the ultimate differentiator for any industry involving people or confrontations.

What your teams will learn:

  • Why Empathy is one of the greatest leadership skills.
  • The balance between Empathy, our Amygdala and getting results.
  • The 4 key steps to mastering Empathy and confrontations.


Nobody likes being told what to do, the same as our brain is programmed to always want to be right. Communication is one of the oldest skills in the book yet is still referred to as one of the biggest causes of issues within any company. With technology physically changing the way we communicate, this ancient skill is getting more challenging yet more important to get it right!

What your teams will learn:

  • Influencing through the emotional undertone in words.
  • Having the tough conversations in a 5 step approach.
  • The fine line between our passionate and egotistical mind.


Less talk and more action! For most companies, and industries, it’s not about the lack of ideas that we have, it’s the lack of getting it from an idea to actual quality delivery. Eliminating the overwhelm and leveraging the strengths of our brain’s process while we balance the importance of EI in a constantly changing AI world.

What your teams will learn:

  • Rewiring our brain to achieve targets.
  • How to leverage the chemical Dopamine.
  • The importance of EI in an AI World

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What Others Say About Amy

The only word that comes to mind after a session with Amy is mind-blowing. Peeling back why you do what you do, then piecing it all back together is unnerving and equally settling at the same time.

Marija Muccilli
Employee Relations Manager, Seven West Media

What made her different from other speakers, is how practical her concepts are making them easy to apply to our business.

Theo Smyrniotis
Director, Colliers International

Amy has an outstanding ability to articulate the causes behind some of the biggest challenges we face as leaders.

Connagh Hopkins
Head of Business Planning & Reporting, Western Power

Fantastic speaker, so inspirational - gave me a whole new way of looking at emotions and emotional intelligence.

Very engaging presentation.

AMAZING, so inspiring!

5th Women In Leadership Summit
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