Emotional Intelligence Speaker.

Amy is a dynamic and passionate Emotional Intelligence Speaker delivering insight in EI within the workplace, Inspirational Leadership and Finding Your 'y'. She will challenge your crowd and leave them with a burning passion to reach their full potential.

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Emotional Intelligence Speaker

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Emotional Intelligence is key to the success of any career, business and in fact our lives. Research shows that up to 85% of our success is due to skills in 'Human Engineering' in comparison to our technical skills. 

Whilst emotional intelligence begins to develop at an early age, there is always more to learn as we encounter different situations, different people with different communication styles and an ever-changing workplace.

Join me for this degustation workshop where we will tap into the subconscious mind and discuss all 5 key factors of EI, their benefits and the workings of the emotional brain.

busy to burnout: peak performance of the mind

Being busy is like an epidemic. So many of us define our job, our days, even ourselves as busy! Will there ever come a time when we aren't busy?

Many of us stretch ourselves thin taking on multiple tasks with high expectations to deliver a high-performance result. Our lives will continue to get busier. The question is: At what cost?

Busy is not an emotion however busy, similar to all words, has an emotional undertone that influences the EI response through communication. Recognising and leveraging the EI undertone of the words that we use can completely change the outcome.

It is a very fine line between busy and burnout and that line seems to be getting finer. Join me for this 60 min workshop while we learn how to implement skills to work smarter.


Self-doubt is one of our greatest challenges that can hang over our heads and hold us back from achieving what we are truly capable of. The fear attached to our self-doubt can impact every decision we make in life and more importantly, those decisions that we feel like we can't make.

Identifying what the underlying emotion is that is driving the self-doubt is key to smashing through and building self confidence in it's place. 

This 60 minute seminar or workshop will focus on the driving forces behind our subconscious mind and emotional brain that influence our reactions and choices. 

finding your purpose, your passion, your 'y'!

There is always a 'y' behind everything that we do.

Understanding our 'y' and our real purpose brings with it our motivation/drive , our priorities, our measure of success and our ability to become what we are truly capable of.

Accepting complete ownership of our choices knowing that we don't make sacrifices we prioritise and the only thing we have complete control over in this world is 'US'. 

It's not WHAT you know or WHAT you can do. It's HOW and WHY you do it.

This keynote will challenge the audience and may feel uncomfortable at times as we discover those defining moments that make us who we are today. 

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