Emotional Intelligence Speaker.

Amy is a dynamic and passionate Emotional Intelligence Speaker delivering insight in EI within the workplace, Inspirational Leadership and Finding Your 'y'. She will challenge your crowd and leave them with a burning passion to reach their full potential.

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Emotional Intelligence Speaker

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importance of ei (emotional intelligence) in an ai (artificial intelligence) world

In a world where the workforce is being constantly redesigned by automation and robotics, and the virtual world is the new office, EI will set you and your teams apart from what a machine can do. Customers want efficiency from technology but they still want the human factor to understand them.

It’s about complimenting technologies weakness with Emotional Intelligence. Amy will share with you how to grow your EI while you innovate, the importance of understanding your customers EI needs and how to succeed in a virtual world.

Stop chasing the job title, build your own career path

Our careers are too often led by the job titles that find us and we mould ourselves to them only to find they don’t tick all of our boxes and we are left craving a greater challenge wondering what our ‘y’ is? Time to reverse the process and design your own skill portfolio and ensure the next role you consider plays to your skills.

Finding your ‘y’, your true passion, will ignite the flame and give you the direction you have been searching for. Having direction and a clear ‘y’ will transform your performance in and out of work, increase your health and wellbeing creating positivity that shines and is highly contagious to those around you. As Steve Jobs said, “People with passion can change the world for the better.”

Amy will show you tools to use in order to find your ‘y’ and build a skill portfolio that plays to your passion and strengths regardless of the industry or the job title. Stop chasing outdated job titles and prepare your ‘y’ for the workplace of the future!

influence buy-in and mutual respect

Influencing through communication is so often the difference between roadblocks and progress. Nobody likes being told what to do or how to do it however Forbes magazine notes the ability to influence is an interpersonal skills that is often overlooked. It can directly affect individual and company performance, as organisations try to evolve and innovate to best meet the needs of their clients.

Amy will teach you the core principles and behaviours of influencing others through communication to obtain success and endorsement. From business cases to engaging teams to stakeholder relationships to a happy marriage, the positive impacts are endless. While there is an ‘art’ to it, it’s an easy ‘art’ to master.

Leading a Culture of optimal performers

Struggling with lifting your teams performance while knowing they are capable of the job but underperforming? Culture and engagement low?

Strong people development and performance management are crucial to running a successful business but these skills don’t always come naturally to Leaders. Studies show that underperforming staff in a high-performing team can bring down productivity by as much as 30-40%. Amy will show you how to identify and develop each persons ‘y’ and transform your underperformers into superstars!

If you focus solely on the customer and not your people, your people could turn away your customers. Get your people right and performing at their full potential and the customers will find ‘you’!

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