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Fantastic speaker, so inspirational - gave me a whole new way of looking at emotions and emotional intelligence.

Very engaging presentation.

AMAZING, so inspiring!

5th Women In Leadership Summit ... Delegate Feedback sample provided

Last night at AIM was fantastic. Your skills in front of an audience made it one of the most engaging presentations I have been to for a long time and the topic resonated with me.

I enjoyed your presentation yesterday evening and wanted to thank you for your energy and professionalism. You made presenting look easy.

AIM WA: Stop Chasing the Job Title ... Delegate Feedback sample provided

Amy shared her deep insights about Emotional Intelligence in an interactive and engaging workshop that really connected with all. She has an ability to challenge prompt action and I have seen a number of those present madly doing what they promised they would!! Can’t wait to work with Amy again.

Jenny Devine ... State Manager WA - Audrey Page

Incredible Launching Pad!

I know its already been said, but I want to say it again… a HUGE thank you for your support and for being apart of last night.

It was such an incredible launching pad for this years program and we have already received some great positive feedback. The quality of the content as well as the whole approach and guidance provided was exactly on point!

Felicity Evensen ... WA YP Committee, NIBA

New confidence in myself & the willpower to put me back in control!

Setting personal goals and focusing on personal development can easily be overlooked when you are caught up in the day to day tasks of life. Over the past 12 months I have avoided putting thought into personal goals and career direction as it felt like a very daunting task.

When I started coaching sessions with Amy I felt like we immediately clicked and everything about creating personal goals became exciting and fulfilling. Amy provided me with tools to understand myself on a deeper level and the direction that I am headed. Amy taught me how to set short and medium term goals, even if I don't have a clear longer term goal in sight. I left each session feeling motivated with a number of exciting tasks to challenge myself with.

I learnt and gained so much from my coaching sessions with Amy in a short period of time. I now have short term goals in place focused on bridging any development or skill gaps. These coaching sessions have given me a new confidence in myself and the willpower to put me back in control of what I am striving to achieve each day.

I would highly recommend Amy’s coaching services to anyone who is needing help with finding their purpose. Amy’s coaching is enjoyable and will set you up for the best possible likelihood of success in your career.

RW ... Inspirational Leadership & Coaching Session

Wonderful ability to connect with her audience.

Amy has been a fantastic supporter of our organisation over the years. Amy is authentic, positive and motivating and has wonderful ability to connect with her audience. Amy’s presentation on negotiation and influencing skills was very well received - with members providing extremely positive feedback. We look forward to working with Amy later this year as a panellist at our leadership event where her genuine style is sure to resonate with young professionals looking to forge their own career path.

Anna Miolin ... WA President, Young Insurance Professionals

The relevant, modern example of today's management

I have worked alongside Amy professionally for some years and viewed her management of teams and career trajectory. In all of this time, Amy's natural ability to assess, develop and manage teams across various industries by developing individuals is second to none. She is a sought after leader with extensive experience and critical expertise to bring together, teams, stakeholders and put in place skill sets for effective succession planning. But most of all, Amy's own experience, her own personal journey is one that has seen her experience the relevant growth and emotional intelligence to be an effective leader that people follow and respect.

Amy is (in my opinion) the relevant, modern example of today's management and a must for any business/individual looking to be a better, more effective team and/or leader.

Brian Statham ... Senior Underwriter - BT Financial

Not only talks the talk but walks the walk!

Amy is an inspirational lady, one I have had the pleasure to work with. She not only talks the talk but walks the walk. Her advice comes from years of experience, you couldn’t be in safer hands.

Paula Bond ... Executive Manager Suncorp

Significant difference in my path to being a better, stronger me.

Amy is a very supportive & driven mentor, with her own professional style she encouraged me to see what my true capability is and gave guidance and ideas how to put these steps into action if it was professional or personal goal. She has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to achieve my own goals by always providing me with generous feedback on my strengths and weaknesses, specific examples that I could learn and grow from and also various other tools over the last 2 years. I find she has made a significant difference in my path to being a better, stronger me.

ND ... Inspirational Leadership & Coaching Session

I truly don’t believe I would have found that support elsewhere.

Amy listened and asked targeted questions to help me break a repetitive cycle of thinking and frustration, then summarised what I was saying, stripping back the emotion to help me clarify my talents/ skills and goals. She challenged me to think differently and to question what I really want from my career – not just to search for the next job title but to understand what I’m really good at and passionate about. I can’t thank Amy enough. I truly don’t believe I would have found that support elsewhere.

NL ... Career Coaching Session

Following my passions will lead me to a far more successful career quicker

Amy has been providing both personal and career coaching to me for the past ten years. She has helped me source and achieve numerous promotions and helped me gain my current role which not only plays to my strengths but my passions. With Amy’s help I was able to recognise that following my passions will lead me to a far more successful career quicker than I could have imagined. I am so happy that I got to find my own ‘y’ and I am extremely grateful to Amy for her help and guidance. I look forward to the next ten years of coaching.

ST ... Coaching Sessions

Challenged to Learn and Grow

When it comes to coaching and mentoring, it is important to have someone that cares about you, that's what Amy Jacobson has done for me. She has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to share her expertise widely. I have continued to be challenged to learn and grow in a diverse and fun aspect as I aspire towards my personal goals.

DY ... Career Coaching Session

I can honestly say I would not be the person I am today!

I went to see Amy seeking guidance in which direction to take my career, whether I was in the right job and how to motivate myself. The advice and support I received was invaluable. We clearly defined my strengths, what I loved in a job and what I didn't like creating my perfect job description. We then determined what career path would be best for me to match that description. Amy gave me the confidence and tools to take the next step, which without I wouldn't have done.

I can honestly say I would not be the person I am today or in the position I am today without her mentoring. If you are looking for the best mentor out there, you've found her!

RD ... Inspirational Leadership & Career Coaching Session

Simply put, Amy saved my career.

Simply put, Amy saved my career.

When I first met Amy, I was unengaged, in a role that did not suit my skillset, and suffering the consequences of consistent poor performance as a result. By working with Amy, she inspired me to find the aspects of my role that were truly engaging, and use those to re-invigorate my passion for the job, and by extension, the industry. By finding my Y (which Amy was aware of before I was even able to articulate it), I was able to turn myself from a disengaged, underperforming seat-warmer to a productive and respected member of the team –and then parlay that into a new role that fit my skillset & passions far better than the existing role ever had.

If I hadn’t encountered Amy when I did, I have no doubts that my performance would have continued to slip, and my career would have ended in ignominy. Amy’s intervention and coaching completely changed the trajectory of my life, and for that I owe her more than I can say.

LP ... Inspirational Leadership & Coaching Sessions

Thought provoking as a Leader and Manager

You have had a positive impact on my career. Your site is certainly an example of what you do- just keep lifting that bench mark of continuous growth. You demonstrate first hand to not be limited by the job title. Your messages are thought provoking as a leader and manager.

Vanessa Traynor ... Executive Manager Life Underwriting - Asteron Life

Just what I needed!

Fantastic advice, extremely knowledgeable and brimming with positivity - just what I needed!

KY ... Career Coaching Session

Best possible version of yourself

Amy’s optimistic and trusting nature immediately makes you feel at ease and safe to discuss potentially sensitive subject matters. She encourages you to be the best possible version of yourself both personally and professionally.

Anonymous ... Career Coaching Session

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