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Gender, what gender?

I believe gender equality in the workforce is about more than ticking a quota. The question I think we should be asking is ‘why aren’t there as many outstanding women ready and wanting to take that next step into management and senior positions?’ This is where we should be challenging the status quo.

I can honestly say, after almost 20 years in the corporate world, I don’t believe that I have ever missed out or been overlooked for anything because I was a woman. Now I am not naive, I know many women that haven’t been as lucky and have seen some very unfairly treated. I have been in situations where I have been treated differently being a women, especially given I’ve worked in Insurance for 18 years, but I’ve never let this impact my success or ability to do my job. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I actually think I’ve had more opportunities in my career because I am a women than the situations where I have been hindered. I’ve been on some amazing courses restricted to women, conferences, networking events and mentor groups. I know these have been needed to change embedded mindsets. I do believe, however, that we need to be very careful not to go to the other extreme where we start seeing capable and deserving men missing out on opportunities because they have been born male in this generation. Continue reading

Does Public Speaking make you feel physically sick?

A question I get asked a lot is: Do you really love public speaking? Don’t you get nervous?

My answer is always yes and yes!! I really do love it…. it’s the adrenaline rush for me, the love of sharing information with others that may just make their life better, easier or happier. The bigger the crowd the bigger the rush! Yes you betcha I get nervous and anxious but my nerves are exciting ones.

I get it that it’s really not for everyone and actually for most people it’s not fun at all and something that they dread or makes them feel physically sick. For that reason, I’ve put together some basic tips to help you be prepared as you can should you be thrown in the deep end without your floaties, fully clothed with weights tied around your waist.Continue reading

Reinvention and Growth – Hawaii Style!

I recently spent a glorious 2 weeks in Hawaii and experienced the beauty of Oahu and the Hawaiian Islands. For the 2 weeks that I was there I was in constant admiration of the view, the water, the trees and a permanent smile lit up my face…. I’m sure the few Mai Tai’s also helped. Even on the last day I was still happy snapping the view and sunsets and saying to my husband and friends “can you believe how gorgeous it is.” Not even Hurricane Lane that threatened to hit our island during our first week could dampen the holiday. We prepared ourselves as best we could, stayed calm and made the most of every day having a hurricane party in our room during lockdown while the kids created their own ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ show.

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Do you really need to earn trust?

There is an age old expression that has outlived so many that I really disagree with…. ‘you need to earn trust’.

I don’t know about you but I prefer to see the good in others, empower them and have full trust in them upfront. Each time I manage a new team one of the first thing I say to them is ‘You all have my full trust upfront. I hand it to you on a silver platter. I believe in you all and you have my support’.

Empowerment goes a long way for someone’s mindset and ability to believe in themselves and achieve greatness. Doubting them upfront by them having to earn your trust is almost like guilty till proven innocent. Don’t expect the worse from someone or expect that they will do something wrong or even take advantage of you. If that happens, worry about it then and resolve it. Continue reading

Are you adding fuel to your blazing fire?

Not every day is a walk in the park. We’ve all had those moments or those days when it all gets a bit much or you can’t believe what has just happened or been said. How do you react in these situations?

For many extroverts, and even for most people, verbalising your emotions or thoughts is the default position. The reaction you have is what people tend to remember rather than the actual cause of your reaction. Your reaction will be a reflection on you. Getting this emotion under control is harder than we’d like it to be.

Try these 5 simple tips to improve your resiliency:

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You can have it all, just not all at once….. wrong!

I heard a saying a few years ago that really resonated and I latched onto it: “you can have it all, just not all at once”. I was wrong!

The statement was made in relation that not all of your life can be all that you want it to be at once there will always be something that is sacrificed while other areas are peaking and that’s ok. It pretty much nails the definition of sacrifice: give up (something valued) for the sake of other considerations.  Just accept it knowing other areas are doing great and you can’t have everything.

I latched onto this at the time because it was what I needed to hear. It made it ‘ok’ in my mind to sacrifice happiness in some areas and it gave me an excuse. I created that belief, it wasn’t a belief that I was happy with those areas or that I’d accepted it for what it was, it was a belief that I wasn’t happy with them but that I couldn’t possibly be happy with all areas at once because sacrifice needed to happen. How wrong I was!

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Network Do’s and Dont’s

I am a ‘peoples person’…. yep overly excited, positive and love being around people. Funnily enough though, networking is something I struggled with for a long time. See chatting with friends and speaking about something specific I’ve always been good with, I could talk ’til the cows come home but given I am a very factual and structured person, idle conversation and chatter is something I have struggled with. What do we talk about next? What if there is awkward silence? How do I get out of the conversation once we have ran out of things to talk about? Oh and I have a terrible memory for names!!!

Working in the areas that I have worked, I’ve needed to get over this fast. Am I perfect at it and a great networker….. umm no! Have I learnt enough tips to get me through any networking event…. yes.

Here are my 6 simple tips to make those networking events a little less awkward.

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