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It took me almost 40 years to find my 'y'.
Have you found yours yet?

Emotional Intelligence and Inspirational Leadership are my ‘y’.

I love nothing more than seeing the passion in people and seeing their faces light up when they find their ‘y’. Watching the growth within as they lift, become empowered and are performing at their highest potential. These are the kind of people that others want to be around and that leaders love having in their team, the kind that makes brilliant leaders and that successful businesses are made of.

With the increase of automation and robotics, emotional intelligence is now more important than ever. The human factor needs to balance technology in the workforce and people in these roles will need to have brilliant people skills!

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of helping people and teams transform from being unmotivated, lost or underperforming to high performing, passionate superstars. From struggling with their emotional intelligence and interaction with their peers to creating mutual respect, understanding what makes people tick and how to work effectively together. How to succeed!

It’s all about finding your ‘y’.

What Others Say About Amy

Amy has been a fantastic supporter of our organisation over the years.  Amy is authentic, positive and motivating and has wonderful ability to connect with her audience.  Amy’s presentation on negotiation and influencing skills was very well received - with members providing extremely positive feedback. We look forward to working with Amy later this year as a panellist at our leadership event where her genuine style is sure to resonate with young professionals looking to forge their own career path.     

Anna Miolin 

WA President, Young Insurance Professionals

I know its already been said, but I want to say it again… a HUGE thank you for your support and for being apart of last night.

It was such an incredible launching pad for this years program and we have already received some great positive feedback. The quality of the content as well as the whole approach and guidance provided was exactly on point!

Felicity Evensen 

WA YP Committee, NIBA

“Simply put, Amy saved my career.”


“When I first met Amy, I was unengaged, in a role that did not suit my skillset, and suffering the consequences of consistent poor performance as a result. By working with Amy, she inspired me to find the aspects of my role that were truly engaging, and use those to re-invigorate my passion for the job, and by extension, the industry. By finding my Y (which Amy was aware of before I was even able to articulate it), I was able to turn myself from a disengaged, underperforming seat-warmer to a productive and respected member of the team –and then parlay that into a new role that fit my skillset & passions far better than the existing role ever had.


If I hadn’t encountered Amy when I did, I have no doubts that my performance would have continued to slip, and my career would have ended in ignominy. Amy’s intervention and coaching completely changed the trajectory of my life, and for that I owe her more than I can say.”  


Coaching through Inspirational Leadership Sessions

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